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For war with Britain Against war with Britain
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War of 1812 Debate

The War of 1812 was highly contoversial as many of the American public had strong feelings on both sides.

For war with Britain

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Against war with Britain

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We, as citizens of this glorious United States, must surely rise to support this war.

1.) It is a fight for honor, a fight for respect from Britain that to this day refuses to treat America as an independent nation. Their mockery of us is reflected by other countries while they are permitted to stand over us. Unless we prove to the world that we can stand as a country for the virtues of honor, we can hardly expect respect and equality from the old world nations.

2.) While Britain is allowed to bully our nation as such, their naval men impress our own into the British navy. Pulling them away against their wills from their homes and families. Such outrageous violations our our natural rights cannot be tolerated. Not by the families of these impressed souls, or by anyone who counts themselves a part of this blooming land.

3.) While Britain holds influence in America, the Natives on the western frontier will continue fighting against us, putting frontier families at risk. They do it both to spite us, and to protect their still not vacated forts. A violation of several past treaties were it states clearly that no British fort shall stand on American soil. This is yet another indirect attack on us that we must squash immediately if we are to gain any credibility as a nation.

Side: For war with Britain
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I do not see any reason to declare a war on Great Britain. I think that we have decent standings with them currently. There is also a good balance between the two political parties. Why can't we just be at peace with Britain by trying to get along with them in a reasonable manner.Reasons why I think we should not declare war are:

1.)Trade with Britain is good. We do not want to loose trading with them. With them we trade fish, livestock, and maple syrup. While they trade with us goods like rum, paper,glass,paint, and tea.

2.)If the Democratic-Republicans gain the land area of Canada that will create a political imbalance between us. They will own far more land area than we do. This creates a great unfairness. Both political land areas should be equal that way one party cannot over rule another.

3.) Right now as Federalist we feel are viewpoints on the declaration of war on Britain are not being heard. We say no to the war and yet it still goes through. All we want is peace with Britain done in a peaceful manner. We do not consider war a peaceful manner by any means and feel we gain nothing from trying to fight with them again. Since our demands on not calling a war on Britain is not met we demand that amendments require two thirds vote in congress before another war is declared and financial assistance coming from Washington. We feel that these are not unreasonable to be met. Creating this war has created unfairness between us as Federalists and you as Democratic-Republicans.

Side: Against war with Britain